Legislative Action Team

Craig Hull - Chair, LAT Committee
Craig Hull
Chair, LAT Committee

The LAT is a communication network that allows mobilehome residents to participate in the legislative process by contacting or meeting with state legislators to support or reject a particular bill coming up for a vote. Many, many more people have been able to have an influence on their legislators because of the LAT.

LAT Committee

The LAT network is headed by the LAT Committee, which is a steering committee that works with Legislative Advocate Esperanza Ross to interact with the State legislators, promote legislation favorable to manufactured-home owners and oppose harmful legislation.

The current LAT Committee is Craig Hull (Chair), Anne Anderson, Mary Jo Baretich, Laura Calderwood, Jean Crowder (Ex Officio), Myra Cubos, Joseph Diaz, Ray Downing, Ross Eytcheson, Ron Faas, Diane McPherson, Kitty Wallace, Judith Westerlund, and Judy Wilson. Esperanza Ross is our adviser.

LAT Network

The work of our Legislative Advocate and LAT Committee is most effective wherever the LAT Network is well established. The LAT Network consists of LAT Coordinators, LAT Park Representatives, and Legislative Action Team members within parks.

Each park should have its own Legislative Action Team, made up of residents who are eager to advocate for manufactured-home owners and to help us promote our sponsored bills and other bills we support. A park does not have to have a GSMOL Chapter in order to have a Legislative Action Team, as long as there is an LAT Park Representative in charge of the Team.

The Legislative Action Team within the park is led by a LAT Park Representative. The LAT Park Representative should be a person who is interested in, and understands, the legislative process (See How a Bill Becomes a Law); and is willing to be the “go-to” person in the park for the residents who have questions about the bills we are tracking. The LAT Park Rep also coordinates actions that have been recommended by the LAT Committee, such as the writing of letters or making of phone calls to legislators, posting flyers, organizing trips to attend hearings, etc.

Each Park Chapter appoints its own LAT Park Rep, who may or may not be a Chapter Officer. Typically the LAT Park Rep is a member of the Chapter Board and gives Legislative Reports at the Chapter meetings. The area’s LAT Coordinator appoints LAT Park Reps in parks that don’t have a Chapter.

The LAT Park Representatives in a specific area within a Region are under the supervision of an LAT Coordinator. An LAT Coordinator is responsible for recruiting LAT Park Representatives in a specific area within a Region (including parks which don’t have a chapter), and overseeing their work. LAT Coordinators are appointed by the LAT Committee. In areas where there is no LAT Coordinator, the LAT Committee can communicate directly with LAT Park Representatives.

The LAT Email Network

Communication throughout the LAT Network is primarily by email. The LAT Committee provides information and instructions to the LAT Coordinators. Each LAT Coordinator passes information and instructions on to the LAT Park Representatives in their area, and also to any GSMOL-allied local manufactured-home-owner coalitions when appropriate. The LAT Park Rep will have his or her own email list, which will include GSMOL members in their park and any other residents who are willing to help in our efforts. If possible, the LAT Park Rep will also pass on information to residents who don’t have email.

The LAT Network system is set up in some areas but is still in the process of being established throughout the State.

The E-Blast

Through our GSMOL email list , the LAT Committee sends email updates directly to GSMOL members so they can easily track progress of our bills. The E-blast also reinforces the LAT Network by publishing instructions on contacting legislators when needed in support or opposition of a bill.

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