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You may be receiving emails that look like they are from legitimate businesses or organizations, such as FedEx, Bank of America or the IRS. They usually tell you something is wrong with your account, and ask you to open an attached file or go to a website whose address is in the email. 
These are not legitimate emails from those companies. They are bogus emails from hackers who are trying to get you to open the attachment or go to the website they list. If you do, valuable information about your email account will be transferred to the hackers and they will use it for the purpose of identity theft.
You can telephone those companies or go to their real websites and get information on how to forward those bogus emails to the real companies. Those real companies will then take whatever action is necessary to track down and prosecute the hackers. The real company websites can be located through a search on GOOGLE.
A scammer calls you claiming to be a court official. He tells you that you have failed to appear for jury duty. If you say you never received a summons to appear, he starts asking you for your Social Security Number, Date of Birth and similar items so he can verify your identity and cancel the arrest warrant the court issued when you failed to appear for jury duty. He will immediately use this information to steal your identity.
This scam has been reported in at least 11 states. Both the FBI and the Federal court system have issued warnings.
See these websites:

Courts at any level will never call you with an issue like this. If you receive such a call, it is fraudulent.
If you are tired of getting unsolicited telemarketing calls, this is what you can do about it.
You can file a complaint with the government about junk or nuisance phone calls you receive, also referred to as telemarketing calls. They have become more frequent in recent months, and are quite annoying.  Here is what YOU can do to stop them.
You must have your telephone number included in the “DO NOT CALL” list that is maintained by the Federal government.  To get your number included, you can call (888) 382-1222 using the phone whose number you want to register, OR go to this website:
and click on “REGISTER A PHONE NUMBER.”  Both land lines and mobile phones can be registered.  Once your number has been registered for 31 days, it is illegal for companies that you do not already do business with, or that YOU have not contacted in the past 3 months, to call you.  (That does not mean they will not do so, it just means it is illegal for them to call you.)
After your telephone number has been registered for at least 31 days and you receive such an illegal call, you can enter a complaint about it.  Here’s how:
  • Go to the same website (shown above) where you registered your phone number and click on “File A Complaint”.
  • You will need to enter the following information in filing the complaint:
    1. The phone number receiving the call
    2. Date you received the call
    3. Hour of the day you received the call
    4. Whether the call was a recorded message or not
    5. The phone number of the company that called
    6. The name of the company that called
    7. Whether you have done business with the company in the past 18 months or YOU have contacted THEM in the past 3 months
    8. Whether you have asked the company to stop calling you.
Filing a complaint means that you will have to take some notes when you receive the illegal call.  The most difficult piece of information to obtain will be their phone number.  If you have “Caller ID” you may be able to get it that way.  Otherwise, to get it, you might say you are on your way out the door and will call them back, and ask for their phone number. 
If you do not have access to a computer, ask a friend that does to do the above for you.
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