We’ve been protecting the rights and quality of life of manufactured home owners since 1962.


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Own a manufactured home?

Here’s how Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League can help:

Protect your investment.

As an owner of a manufactured home, you are in a unique ownership situation not duplicated anywhere else. You own your home, but you also rent someone else’s land. Your financial investment in your home is often greater than the park owner’s investment in your lot, even allowing for a share of the common area. Yet, park owners have a HUGE influence over your living conditions. GSMOL’s goal is to help manufactured home owners protect their investment in their homes and to protect their manufactured home quality of life.

Make your voice heard.

No other manufactured home owner organization has the history of solving park problems and influence in Sacramento that we have. Since you can’t personally go to Sacramento to represent yourself on every manufactured home issue, GSMOL does it for you, through our paid Legislative Advocate (lobbyist), consultants and Legislative Action Team. When they sit down with a legislator to represent your interests, the combined force of GSMOL’s membership and valuable alliances with partner organizations is behind them, and that legislator knows it. The sound of thousands of voices and clout of partners like AARP, CARA and others helps ensure that our government officials will recognize that we are strong and powerful … and they WILL LISTEN!

An ounce of prevention …

$25 a year is insurance that your views will be represented in Sacramento. Plus …

Members receive a bi-monthly magazine (the CALIFORNIAN) with relevant news from the Capitol and around the state, along with articles by our paid professionals to inform and educate homeowners like you.

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Our Legislative E-blast system sends E-mail updates and “Action Alerts” directly to members with Internet access so they can easily track progress on legislation and know when action is needed to lobby legislators and the Governor for support.

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Join a large group of GSMOL members to protect your rights as a manufactured home owner. We have a long history of successfully fighting for the rights of homeowners. The 1996 defeat of Prop. 199 and 2013 passage of SB 510 are among the great triumphs in GSMOL history!

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