GSMOL Committees


Some committees are still in the process of recruiting members and deciding upon a meeting schedule. We will list the members they have so far and add new members’ names as we know of them.

President Jean Crowder is an ex-officio member of all standing committees except for Elections.


LAT (Legislative Action Team) Committee

  • Chair: Craig Hull
  • Members: Anne Anderson, Mary Jo Baretich, Laura Calderwood, Myra Cubos, Joe Diaz, Ray Downing, Ross Eytcheson, Ron Faas, Don Hart, Craig Hull, Diane McPherson, Hilary Mosher, Kitty Wallace, Judith Westerlund, Judy Wilson
  • Advisors: Esperanza Ross (Legislative Advocate), Bruce Stanton (Corporate Counsel)
  • Meetings: Weekly by teleconference

Membership Committee

  • Purpose: to promote and coordinate the enrollment, retention, and support of members; to establish and support GSMOL chapters; to produce and regularly review membership materials (in conjunction with the Publications Committee). The Committee is intended to be made up of members from different zones and regions.
  • Chair: Anne Anderson
  • Members: Anne Anderson (B-1), Mary Jo Baretich (C), Darryl Blanton (A-1), Craig Hull (B-1), Joyce Murphy (A-1), Victor Roy (D), Karilee Shames (A-1), Melvin Weekley (D)
  • Meetings: Monthly by teleconference, usually the last Monday of the month.
  • Membership: by invitation. We are particularly seeking new members from Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C.

Communications Committee

  • Purpose: The Committee is intended to tie together the committees that include among their functions some form of publication, outreach or other communication. Its members are representatives from those committees, as well as others with interest or expertise in communications. Our aim is to work together to develop materials to educate the public on the issues facing MH owners; to develop training materials for our leaders; and to coordinate information we publish in any form, e.g. The Californian, handouts, PowerPoints, booklets, email, teleconferences, webexes, YouTube videos, documentaries, and social media. Some of the projects include the following:
    • Information “Kit” for Legislators, Government officials and the Media
    • Training for GSMOL Leaders (in conjunction with Membership Committee)
    • Translation of Materials, especially into Spanish (in conjunction with Publications Committee)
    • Social Media Outreach (Facebook, etc.)
  • Co-Chairs: Anne Anderson and Mary Jo Baretich
  • Members: Anne Anderson, Mary Jo Baretich, Don Hart, Craig Hull, Chuck Loring, Sharon Rose, Karilee Shames, Jim Sullivan
  • Meetings: by teleconference, usually toward the end of the month; a lot of our discussion happens over email.
  • Membership: By invitation. We are particularly seeking people with an interest and expertise to participate in any of the projects listed above.

Publications Committee

  • Purpose: To oversee the publication of any proposed new documents (handouts, brochures, manuals etc.) or changes to documents; The Californian; and material from the Access Database. Worksin conjunction with the Editorial and Membership Committees.
  • Chair: Mary Jo Baretich
  • Members: Mary Jo Baretich, Ray Downing, Martha Vazquez, Anne Anderson, Tom Lockhart (consultant)
  • Meetings: as needed

Editorial Committee

  • Purpose: Editing and publishing The Californian.
  • Chair and Editor: Mary Jo Baretich
  • Members: Mary Jo Baretich, Karilee Shames, Carl Leivo, Patty Drewes, Gene Fontana, Linda Hays, Margie Richter
  • Meetings: as needed

Website Committee

  • Purpose: To develop and review ideas for new and existing features, and generate policies for what should be made available and to whom. The committee is made up of members with web expertise and experience.
  • Chair and Webmaster: Anne Anderson
  • Members: Anne Anderson, Carl Leivo, Tom Lockhart, Michelle Smith
  • Meetings: We communicate mostly by email but can meet by teleconference when needed.

Public Relations Committee

  • Chair: Jim Sullivan
  • Members: Jim Sullivan, Tim Sheahan
  • Meetings: to be determined

Business Information and Financial Action Team (BIFAT)

  • Chair: Robert Markley
  • Members: Bob Markley, Shelley Parker, Linda Lewis Wright
  • Meetings: to be determined
  • Membership: We are seeking members with business or non-profit expertise. See ad in The Californian for contact information.

Convention Committee

  • Purpose: To put on the biennial Convention (a.k.a. Statewide Conference) in the even-numbered years.
  • Chair: Anne Anderson
  • Members: Anne Anderson, Mary Jo Baretich, Ray Downing, Craig Hull; seeking others – particularly from Southern California
  • Advisor: Bruce Stanton, Corporate Counsel
  • Meetings: Communicating by email at this point; conference calls will be scheduled when needed.

Elections Committee

  • Purpose: to develop policies and procedures for biennial elections of Statewide officers and Zone Vice Presidents by mail-in ballot; to coordinate the dissemination of election information to members; to vet proposed candidates for office and develop policy for use of members’ contact information by candidates.
  • Chair: Robert Markley
  • Members: TBA
  • Meetings: TBA

Bylaws Committee

  • Purpose: To develop procedures and timeline for submission of Bylaws changes and dissemination of information to members regarding these changes.
  • Chair: Ray Downing
  • Members: TBA
  • Meetings: TBA

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