Sonoma, Napa, Mendicino and Lake Counties in Northern California just suffered the worst fires in modern history. So many homes and business were destroyed. At least 2 mobile home parks were destroyed and another severely damaged in Santa Rosa alone. GSMOL has members in these parks. In fact, Linda Adrian, our Associate Manager for Santa Rosa, lost her home and is now in the hospital with smoke inhalation and heart problems.

GSMOL would like to help all the mobilehome residents affected by these fires. We are establishing a fund to help any resident that needs help. 100% of donations received by GSMOL will be given to fire victims.

Every gift helps, no matter how small. You may donate anonymously. A lot of residents are in evacuation centers and need our assistance.

Thank you from the Board of Directors and leaders of GSMOL

Click on the link below to donate!


The remains of Journey’s End MHP in Santa Rosa

To those living in SONOMA County who lost their mobilehomes to the fires

You may contact 707-765-8488 to receive a short or longer term placement.

This program is being handled by the expertly combined efforts of AMY APPLETON at SONOMA SHARE and ELYCE HEMPEL of PETALUMA PEOPLE POWER.

These women are heroes in our locale! GSMOL offers our deepest appreciation!!

If you live in a mobile home in Sonoma County

and wish to supply a spare room for a fellow mobilehome owner who lost their home in the fires, please also contact AMY APPLETON at SONOMA SHARE and ELYCE HEMPEL of PETALUMA PEOPLE POWER by calling 707-765-8488

GSMOL Attorney Bruce Stanton has written a letter to help those offering shelter to clarify our MH laws related to taking in guests, and what is and is not allowed. You may download a copy of this letter here to give to your park manager.

What Sonoma County and Santa Rosa are Doing to Help Homeless Fire Victims

FEMA Bringing Trailers and Mobilehomes to Sonoma County to House Fire Victims

GSMOL Leaders Meet to Develop Assistance Plans

L. to R.: Kitty Wallace, Betty Carlson, GSMOL Zone A-1 Vice President Karilee Shames, Carl Leivo, GSMOL State Treasurer and Region 2 Manager Diane McPherson, Sonoma Super-Chapter President Ann Colichidas, Len Carlson, Brenda Bowman, Carolyn Schulz

Members of GSMOL’s Sonoma Super-Chapter met with other GSMOL leaders and consultants on October 18 to work out the best way to help mobilehome residents affected by the fires.