Chapter News

Chapter News – February 2017

Chapter News – February 2017

Chapter 1156 Marches in Park Parade

February 27, 2017

Our chapter 1156, for the first time participated in the annual parade in our park. We were the only group throwing out candies to those watching the parade, which brought attention to our group. We also had an information table along with other vendors after the parade. It was a fun day and next year we plan on bringing even more exposure by decorating a cart for the parade.

[ED. NOTE: The chapter members created their own “uniform” with yellow T-shirts. GSMOL actually has T-shirts very similar to these, yellow with GSMOL logo and either a T-shirt collar or a polo shirt collar. We are hoping to find a way to market them to our chapters economically. If your chapter is interested, please contact the Home Office.]

Chapter 1156, Fountain of Youth Spa, Niland

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