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Convention Wrap-Up


The Convention Story – 2016


The 2016 GSMOL Convention was

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 8-10

Ramada Hotel

1250 Halyard Dr.

W. Sacramento, CA

(916) 371-2100

Basic Schedule:      Friday  |  Saturday  |   Sunday

Tentative Breakout Sessions Schedule – Friday & Saturday

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Why Come to the Convention?

When you hear the word “Convention”, you probably think of an event where delegates come from local areas to elect officers and/or vote on matters relevant to their organization.

Yes, this is one of the things we do at the GSMOL Convention… BUT….

GSMOL Conventions have come to be MUCH more than just about the voting!

Imagine that you are part of a local area manufactured-home owners support group and you’re having a city-wide (or multi-city) “Manufactured-home Town Meeting”.

  • You might have a roundtable where the homeowners discuss common park problems and brainstorm solutions.
  • You might invite a local attorney familiar with MHP issues to come and speak to the group and answer questions.
  • You might invite someone from HCD (Housing & Community Development) to do a presentation and answer questions about health and safety issues, titling, lot lines, and other things that HCD regulates.
  • You might spend some time giving accolades to one or more of the local “park heroes” who have worked hard to fight for the rights of park residents in your group.
  • You might end the event with a time for refreshments and schmoozing among the homeowners.  

Many coalitions (local area manufactured-home owner groups) put on Town Meetings like this from time to time


GSMOL’s Convention is “Manufactured-home Town Meeting” on steroids!

You get whole panels of attorneys and HCD people, two days of workshops on all kinds of manufactured-home topics, an Awards Banquet, and lots and lots of hanging out with fellow manufactured-home owners from all over the state. (Oh, yes, and on the third day the delegates do the voting.)   That’s what the Convention is like today.  In short, it is really more like a Conference.





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