The Mobilehome Residents and Senior Protection Act

Are you or someone in your park being unfairly evicted or mistreated?

Have you been locked out of common areas or forbidden to distribute information about your rights?

Are you or someone in your park being prevented from selling your home?

These are violations of state law for mobilehome parks (known as the Mobilehome Residency Law or MRL). These problems are common in many mobilehome parks in the state.

AB 1269 gives mobilehome homeowners and residents the opportunity to enforce our rights under the MRL.

AB 1269 will use a process that already exists to resolve disputes between park residents and management.

Under AB 1269, residents would pay a modest fee of $5 per year for the process.

AB 1269 is sponsored by the oldest and largest mobilehome owner advocacy group in California, Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League (GSMOL)

You can help by sending a letter to Governor Brown, asking for his signature on AB 1269; and by helping us get the YES ON AB 1269 message out to every mobilehome resident you know!

AB 1269 Fact Sheet

Sample Letter to Governor Brown (English)

Sample Letter to Governor Brown (Spanish)

(NOTE: Mail letters to Nico Chavez, 1700 L Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811)

Bill Text and Other Information

For more information, contact your nearest GSMOL zone or region leader!