Legislation overview


GSMOL helps to protect your investment in your home by standing up for your rights in the state Capitol!

GSMOL’s legislative advocacy combines the work of professional lobbyists with the grassroots advocacy of homeowners like you. Together, we work to pass legislation to protect and expand your rights, and defeat harmful legislation.  

Our Legislative Advocate is Esperanza Ross.

She is working with legislators and with GSMOL’s Legislative Action Team on bills affecting manufactured homes.

In 2017 we are campaigning to pass three important GSMOL-sponsored bills, related to rent control, affordable housing, and enforcement of the MRL. We are also working on bills originated by legislators, which you will find on our 2017 Bills page.

Every park needs a Legislative Contact! This person will act as a liaison with the LAT Committee during the legislative campaign, and will be sent instructions, action plans, etc. by email, which they will pass on to the GSMOL members and other residents of their park. See the link to the Advocacy Implementation Plan below.

GSMOL Chapters should appoint a board member to serve in this capacity (who can be one of the regular officers), and notify the Home Office. In parks without a chapter, any GSMOL member can volunteer (to volunteer, contact LAT Committee member Anne Anderson, whose email link can be found by clicking Region 8 on the map on the Contact page.)

Here is what Legislative Contacts, Region Managers and Zone Vice Presidents need to do for the Legislative Advocacy Implementation Plan.

The Legislative Contact will also keep park residents informed on the progress of the bills, which can be tracked via our 2017 Bills page.

Chapter Visits with District Representatives

GSMOL’s Legislative Action Committee, working with Esperanza, is coordinating Meet & Greet sessions with State Senators and Assemblymembers. These visits to GSMOL chapters are a great opportunity for manufactured-home owners to get to know their representatives in the State Legislature and voice their concerns regarding manufactured-home issues.

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See a “flow chart” showing how a bill becomes a law

Over the past 50 years, GSMOL’s legislative advocacy has built some of the strongest protections in the nation for manufactured-home owners.

A list of GSMOL’s key legislative victories can be found here.

Our grassroots advocacy is coordinated by the Legislative Action Team, a committee of volunteer homeowners who work to activate GSMOL’s members and allies in support of legislation.

Learn more about the LAT and how you can get involved.

The GSMOL Political Action Committee also helps to support GSMOL’s legislative program by supporting candidates for local and state office who support the rights of homeowners. The PAC’s funding comes primarily from small contributions from homeowners like you.

Learn more about the PAC and how you can contribute.


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