Legislation overview


GSMOL helps to protect your investment in your home by standing up for your rights in the state Capitol!

GSMOL’s legislative advocacy combines the work of professional lobbyists with the grassroots advocacy of homeowners like you, tied together by our Legislative Action Team (LAT) Network. Together, we work to pass legislation to protect and expand your rights, and defeat harmful legislation. Our Legislative Advocate is Esperanza Ross.

In 2017 we sponsored AB 1269, which would set up an enforcement system for the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). We also worked on other bills related to manufactured housing. Read about these these bills on our 2017 Bills page.

Our success depends upon the grassroots efforts of homeowners around the state, which in turn depends upon the effectiveness of our Legislative Action Team (LAT) Network.

The LAT Network provides a connection between the LAT Committee, which develops the action plans for the bill campaigns, and our members and other park residents, who will help carry them out.

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Over the past 50 years, GSMOL’s legislative advocacy has built some of the strongest protections in the nation for manufactured-home owners.

A list of GSMOL’s key legislative victories can be found here.

The GSMOL Political Action Committee also helps to support GSMOL’s legislative program by supporting candidates for local and state office who support the rights of homeowners. The PAC’s funding comes primarily from small contributions from homeowners like you.

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See a “flow chart” showing how a bill becomes a law