2017 Bills

The following bills have been submitted by our State legislators. Our Legislative Advocate and the GSMOL Legislative Action Team (LAT) are working with the authors on the specific wording to some of the bills. Therefore, the language of the bills can change over time.

GSMOL Initiated Bills

AB 1269 (Mark Stone)

The Mobilehome Residents and Senior Protection Act of 2017 proposes to provide homeowners and residents with a process to resolve disputes regarding alleged violations of the Mobilehome Residency Law. An aggrieved resident shall have the ability to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleging a violation of Mobilehome Residency Law.

STATUS: Passed Assembly Floor, May 31.

Ayes: Aguiar-Curry, Arambula, Berman, Bloom, Bocanegra, Bonta, Burke, Caballero, Chau, Chiu, Chu, Cooley, Friedman, Cristina Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Gloria, Gomez, Gonzalez Fletcher, Gray, Grayson, Holden, Jones-Sawyer, Kalra, Levine, Limón, McCarty, Medina, Mullin, Muratsuchi, Nazarian, O’Donnell, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Reyes, Ridley-Thomas, Rodriguez, Santiago, Mark Stone, Thurmond, Ting, Voepel, Weber, Wood, Rendon

Noes:Acosta, Travis Allen, Baker, Bigelow, Brough, Chávez, Chen, Dababneh, Flora, Fong, Frazier, Gallagher, Harper, Irwin, Kiley, Lackey, Low, Maienschein, Mathis, Mayes, Obernolte, Patterson, Salas, Waldron

No Votes Recorded: Calderon, Cervantes, Choi, Cooper, Cunningham, Dahle, Daly, Eggman, Gipson, Melendez, Rubio, Steinorth

Bill Text and Other Information

Bills Initiated by Others


AB 294 (Mike Gipson)

Mobile home parks: disclosure. The MRL requires park management to disclose the name, business address, and business telephone number of the park owner upon a homeowner’s request. This bill would require the disclosure to be made within 10 business days.

STATUS: Awaiting a hearing date.

Bill Text and Other Information

SB 136 (Connie Leyva)

Mobile home parks: mobile home park program funding. The Mobile home Park Rehabilitation and Purchase Fund (MPRP) is a loan program for mobile home park residents, resident organizations, and nonprofit housing sponsors. This bill would authorize HCD to contract directly with nonprofit corporations with statewide or regional capacity to deliver technical assistance to mobile home park residents in order to assist them in acquiring, financing, operating, and improving mobile home parks.

STATUS: Passed Appropriations Committee, May 25. Ordered to third reading.

Bill Text and Other Information

SB 542 (Connie Leyva)

Manufactured Housing Act of 1980: notice of transfer and release of liability. A manufactured home owner who sells or transfers ownership of their home would not be subject to civil or criminal liability, including tax liability, after transfer of possession and title of the home and after appropriate notice and documents are filed with HCD.

STATUS: Eligible for Assembly Floor Vote

Bill Text and Other Information

SB 147 (Bill Dodd)

Mobile home parks: residency. The MRL authorizes a homeowner who lives alone to share his or her mobile home with one guest without the imposition of a fee by management for that person. This bill would authorize any homeowner to share his or her mobile home with not more than two guests without the imposition of a fee by management.

STATUS: Eligible for Assembly Floor Vote

Bill Text and Other Information

SB 429 (Jeff Stone)

Manufactured housing: park model homes. The HCD is required to license and regulate dealers of manufactured homes, mobile homes, and commercial coaches. This bill would authorize a dealer to offer park model homes. GSMOL’s position is to SUPPORT if amended.


Bill Text and Other Information

SB 329 (Connie Leyva)

California law requires cities to allow the installation of manufactured homes on lots zoned for conventional single-family residential dwellings but fails to require programs that facilitate homeownership to include manufactured housing. Exclusion of those individuals from programs that facilitate home ownership is contrary to California’s policy to promote affordable housing. This bill ensures that prospective homeowners that seek to apply for state and local programs are not subject to discrimination based upon the type of home they seek to purchase. All state and local programs designed to facilitate home ownership or residence, including loan origination and repayment programs, down payment assistance, and tax credits, shall include manufactured housing.

STATUS: Heard in Appropriations Committee May 23. Ordered to third reading.

Bill Text and Other Information


SB 470 (Jeff Stone)

The Mobilehome Residency Law: tenancy: termination. This bill would authorize mobile home park management to evict tenants for acts that are outrageous in the extreme, on the mobile home park premises or in the immediate vicinity of the premises, including, various acts of violence or threats against a person. NOTE: Unlike park rules and regulations, this bill does not outline which offenses could be cause for eviction, and allows for any behavior that is “outrageous in the extreme.” Without proper park manager training and full discretion on how to interpret “outrageous in the extreme” behavior, and then to allow that discretion be the reason for eviction, is a recipe for abuse. The bill also allows for eviction within 3 days without the requirement of notifying in writing the alleged “outrageous in the extreme” behavior committed and the cause for eviction. Specific causes for eviction are already listed in the MRL and park rules. For these reasons, GSMOL opposes this bill.


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SB 722 (John Moorlach)

Mobile homes: principal residences: exceptions. This bill would make exempt from rent control any mobile home spaces that are not the principal residence of the homeowner, even when the homeowner has rented the home to another party.


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In Review

SB 46 (Connie Leyva)

Mobile home: enforcement actions: sunset provision. The inspection and enforcement program for health and safety violations within mobile home parks is set to expire January 1, 2019. This bill would remove this sunset date and extend the provisions of the inspection and enforcement program indefinitely.

STATUS: Heard in Appropriations Committee May 25

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