2019 Legislative Session Bills

Extending the Mobilehome Fee and Tax Waiver Program for One More Year

Assemblyman Ed Chau introduced AB 173, which would extend the existing Mobilehome Fee and Tax Waiver Program for an additional year. You can find the bill language here. 
Currently under the Program, implemented under the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), you can register your mobilehome waiving past-due registration fees and taxes incurred from previous owners. The bill is proposing to extend the time allowed for homeowners to advantage of the Program.

Register Your Mobilehome California, a limited-term state program waiving past-due registration fees and taxes for mobilehome and manufactured homeowners.

You may be able to waive past due fees and taxes if:

  • Your mobilehome/manufactured home was registered with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in the past by another owner, and
  • Your mobilehome/manufactured home was not previously registered in your name. (You are not eligible if you already have title and past registration.)
Click here to determine whether you are eligible. 
Apply today, the program is set to end on December 31, 2019.

A video on how to apply can be watched on Youtube.
El video también se puede ver en español en Youtube.

For the latest information on the Mobilehome Fee and Tax Waiver Program, click here.

No Park Fee for Live-In Companion; Homeowner Opt-In to Demonstrate Ability to Pay; and Homeowner First Right of Refusal of their Park Space after Fires and Natural Disasters

On February 13, Senator Bill Dodd introduced SB 274 Mobilehome parks: tenancies. The bill contains multiple provisions:

SB 274 would require management to offer the previous homeowner a right of first refusal to a renewed tenancy in the park on the same terms at the time of the natural disaster, if the park is destroyed due to a fire or other natural disaster and management elects to rebuild the park in the same location.

In 2017 Senator Dodd authored, SB 147 which allowed any homeowner who lives alone to designate one other person per calendar year to share his or her mobilehome on an ongoing basis without being a charged a fee by management for that person. SB 274 would instead allow an individual to designate up to 3 companions in a calendar year, but no more than one companion at a time, unless otherwise authorized by management.

Currently management is granted the right of prior approval of a purchaser of a mobilehome that will remain in the park, provided that approval cannot be withheld from a purchaser who has the financial ability to pay the rent and charges of the park, except as otherwise provided. Additionally park management is required to consider the amount and source of the purchaser’s gross monthly income or means of financial support when making this determination. SB 274 would instead allow the purchaser to provide, and require park management to consider, evidence of additional financial assets, including savings accounts, certificates of deposit, stock portfolios, real property, and any other financial asset that can be liquidated or sold, when making that determination.

Read SB 147 of 2017 and this year’s SB 274 at Leginfo.com

Manufactured Housing Smoke Alarms & Emergency Preparedness

Assemblymember Kansen Chu introduces legislation, AB 338, to require each mobilehome sold or rented in California has a smoke alarm approved by the State Fire Marshal and an emergence preparedness plan in a language the resident understands. 

GSMOL supports AB 338. You can read GSMOL President Michelle Smith’s statement in Assemblyman Chu’s press release here.

Last year, Assemblymember Chu introduced similar legislation, AB 2588, which was supported by GSMOL, but that was vetoed by Governor Brown.

Read both bills at Leginfo.com [AB 338] [AB 2588]

Department of Insurance California Residential Property Insurance Bill of Rights

Senator Connie Leyva introduced SB 508, which would require a  copy of the California Residential Property Insurance Bill of Rights be provided to those seeking residential property insurance, prior to issuing or renewing a insurance policy..

A copy of the bill can be found here.

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