Legislative Action Team

Craig Hull - Chair, LAT Committee
Craig Hull
Chair, LAT Committee

The LAT is a network that allows mobilehome residents to participate in the legislative process by contacting or meeting with state legislators to support or reject a particular bill coming up for a vote. Many, many more people have been able to have an influence on their legislators because of the LAT.

LAT Committee

The LAT network is headed by the LAT Committee, which is a steering committee that works with our Legislative Advocate (lobbyist). The LAT Committee develops the action plan for homeowner support or opposition for each bill.

The current LAT Committee is Craig Hull (Chair), Anne Anderson (Co-Chair), Mary Jo Baretich, Jean Crowder (Ex Officio), Myra Cubos, Joseph Diaz, Ray Downing, Ron Faas, Don Hart, Diane McPherson, Kitty Wallace, Judith Westerlund, and Judy Wilson.

Legislative Contacts and the Park LAT

The LAT Committee communicates by email with each park’s Legislative Contact (LC), also known as LAT Park Representative or LAT Park Leader. The LC acts as a liaison between the LAT Committee and the residents in their park during the legislative campaign, and will be sent instructions, action plans, etc. by email, which they will pass on to the GSMOL members and other residents of their park.

  • If a park has a GSMOL Chapter, the Chapter appoints a board member to serve in this capacity (who can be one of the regular officers).
  • In parks without a Chapter, any GSMOL member can volunteer (to volunteer, contact LAT Committee Co-Chair Anne Anderson, whose email link can be found by clicking Region 8 on the map on the Contact page.)
  • The LC keeps park residents informed on the progress of the bills, which can be tracked via our 2017 Bills page. The LC can make reports at Chapter or HOA meetings.
  • LCs work with their chapter officers or the nearest GSMOL zone or regional leader to compile an email list of the GSMOL members in their park. Email addresses are also collected from other residents, and phone numbers for people who don’t have email. This establishes a parkwide LAT Network, allowing the LC to forward messages from the LAT Committee that ask for urgent, fast action. With the assistance of helpers (see below), the LC can set up a “phone tree” for residents who don’t have email, so that they will also receive the messages.
  • LCs are also encouraged to seek out other “Legislative Enthusiasts” and assemble a Legislative Action Team for the park. These people will help with campaigns – delivering flyers, setting up phone trees, coordinating letter-writing events, etc. The park LAT can also participate in local legislative efforts, such as working with ordinances, supporting MH-friendly candidates for state or local office, etc.

The LAT Network system is well set up in some regions but is still in the process of being established throughout the State.

The E-Blast

Through our GSMOL email list, members may subscribe to two weekly bulletins: “This Week at the Capitol”, information regarding the bills that relate to Manufactured Homes, and “Your Rights Bytes”, tidbits of helpful information from the Mobilehome Residency Law, produced by the “Ed Fund” (Golden State Manufactured-home Owners Education Fund), our “sister” non-profit.

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