Membership Drive 2017

In 2017 GSMOL is running a Membership Drive with three contests. The drive will run from February through the end of July, but new members and new chapters added in January will count.

GSMOL’s six zones and fourteen regions can be found on the clickable map on the Contact page.

Contest for Members to Sign Up New Members

All GSMOL members in good standing who submit at least two “5 for 5” forms (which can be found on the back cover of The Californian magazine, or download a “10 for 10” form HERE) will be eligible for the prize drawing. Each region will have a drawing. (Every member who submits the “5 for 5” forms will also get the usual $5 for each form.)

Contest for Chapters to Increase Net Membership

All active GSMOL chapters which increase their net membership by at least 10% will be eligible for the prize drawing. Each region will have a drawing. Net membership means that any members lost during the contest period must be subtracted from the new members gained. This will require the chapters to make sure their existing members renew when it is their time, and that any members lost due to passing away or leaving the park are replaced by new members.

Contest for Leaders and Chapter Officers to Form or Reactivate Chapters and Super-Chapters

Chapters are eligible for the prize drawing when they are able to reach out to a park in their area which does not have a chapter, and organize the GSMOL members there into either a Super-Chapter with their chapter, or a chapter of their own. Each chapter participating in this “Adopt a Park” campaign will work under the direction of a GSMOL zone or regional leader. There will be a drawing in each zone.

Resources (downloadable flyers and forms, ideas, etc.)

Membership Chair or Contact

Every park needs to have a Membership Contact, who will act as a liaison with the Membership Committee during the contests!
  • GSMOL Chapters should already have a Membership Chair on their chapter board. If not, they should appoint one as soon as possible. The Membership Chair (who may have a committee of helpers, depending upon the size of the park) coordinates membership promotion activities, keeps track of the chapter’s member list and ensures that members renew on time. More information about the MC is in the Chapter Handbook.
  • In parks without a chapter, any GSMOL member in good standing can volunteer to be the Membership Contact. (If more than one member in the same park volunteers, we will organize the volunteers into a team.) MCs in parks without a chapter will work under the direction of a GSMOL zone or regional leader to promote membership in the park and encourage members to renew on time. To volunteer, contact the Membership Committee Chair, Anne Anderson (who is also Region 8 Manager; find her email link by clicking Region 8 on the map on the Contact page).

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