Elections 2018

GSMOL Elections are Coming!

The Jan./Feb./March issue of The Californian showed the GSMOL positions up for election in 2018. They are: President; the following Vice Presidents: Zones A, A-1, B, B-1, and D; Vice President at Large, and Vice President for Resident-Owned Communities. Each position is also a state Board of Directors position.

For the first time in recent memory, instead of delegates to the convention electing officers, each membership will be allowed a vote, and it will all be done by mail. Ballots and candidate statements will be published in The Californian in early January, 2018.

Duties of Officers (from GSMOL State Bylaws)

Candidates for office can be nominated in either of a couple of ways:

  • Self-nomination. Any member in good standing (meaning dues paid up) interested in a position can declare her/himself to be a candidate.
  • Nomination by a GSMOL chapter. See GSMOL league bylaws ARTICLE III, section 3.03. If nominated by a chapter, certain documents must be received by the Election Committee 60 days before the election date. The election date, already decided by GSMOL’s state Board of Directors, is March 16, 2018. Sixty days before that will be January 15, 2018. However, for required documents to appear in the election issue of The Californian, they must be received by Dec. 15, 2017.

All candidates must submit three completed GSMOL forms:


Each form shows how and where to submit it, and the deadline for receipt. Whether sending a document by e-mail or by U.S. Mail, it would be prudent to ask for a reply to confirm your document was received.

Note: the Candidate Endorsement Form requires signatures of ten (10) current GSMOL members. “Current” means dues paid up. If a member’s membership has expired (not renewed by the expiration date), he/she is not a current member and is not eligible to sign an endorsement form. In the past, at least one candidate was disqualified because one person who signed the endorsement form was not a current member. It would be prudent to have at least two (2) completed endorsement forms to avoid this problem.

How does a member know if she/he is a current member (a member in good standing)? Each member’s membership expiration date appears in the address section of The Californian. It is a four-digit number near the top of the address. For example, the number 1117 means the membership expires in November of 2017. If you receive your copy of The Californian only by e-mail and don’t know your membership expiration date, you will need to phone the home office to learn the date.

Bylaws Changes

Any GSMOL member in good standing can propose a change to the State Bylaws. Proposals should be sent to Ray Downing, Chair of the Bylaws Committee. The Bylaws Committee will review the proposals and give a written report to the Board of Directors by November 17, 2017. The Board of Directors at their December meeting will vote to recommend or not recommend each proposal. The Corporate Counsel will then prepare a report to be published to the members.


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