Chapter Resources

Here are some useful forms, templates and information that can be downloaded for your Chapter.

Please note:  some forms may not have been updated with our new address yet.  Please mail forms to:

14802 Beach Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638

Or you may scan your form and email it to

Membership recruitment handouts and other materials can be found HERE .

The Chapter Officers Roster Form should be filled in and sent to the Home Office following each Election of Officers. Whenever you lose an officer, the Chapter board should appoint an interim officer to serve out that officer’s term ASAP, and send the Chapter Officers Roster Form in with just the interim officer’s information on it.

The Chapter Allocation Form should be filled in and sent to the Home Office in your Chapter’s anniversary month (the month you were chartered or reactivated) each year, if you have had at least one general meeting since your last anniversary and you still have a full slate of officers in good standing. If you have had at least FOUR meetings since your last anniversary you will get a $25 reward.

The Minutes Verification Form should be sent in with the Allocation Form. (You no longer have to send copies of the actual minutes.)

Super-Chapter Resources

A Super-Chapter can be formed by combining the members from two or more neighboring parks. This typically is done because there are not enough members in the parks to form individual park Chapters. In most cases there is one park with a Chapter which “adopts” the members from the nearby park(s), but a Super-Chapter can also be formed without an existing Chapter. Your nearest GSMOL Leader can help interested members set up a Super-Chapter. See the Super-Chapter Guidelines for more information.